An Amazing Day!

Today was an amazing day at Compassion International. It made my whole week!

I will admit that I wasn’t looking forward to this week. There’s a lot of stuff going on at work. When I say a lot I mean a LOT! In addition to the usual plethora of video projects currently in various stages of production, I found myself scheduled for two full days of off-site strategy and brainstorming meetings, the half day quarterly ministry update meeting, a division “town hall” meeting for another couple of hours, and a video shoot of a special guest speaker at our monthly ministry wide chapel service (including a multi camera recorded interview after the service). I think I’ve easily put in an entire weeks worth of work and I’ve still got two days to go!

Towards the end of today’s chapel service I got to be part of a very special transition ceremony. Laurent Mbanda, a long time employee of Compassion, has been appointed to the position of Bishop of the Shiyra Diocese of the Anglican Church in Rwanda. For those of you who may not know, the Rwandan Anglican Church has a tremendous heart for missions and has been successfully planting churches in one of the world’s most challenging mission fields (the USA) for many years. During my time at Compassion I’ve had the privilege to spend some time with Mbanda. He has an absolutely incredible story and is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. While I am sorry to see him leave Compassion, I am absolutely thrilled for him and the opportunity he has been presented to serve the Anglican Church in Rwanda.

While that’s really amazing, it’s only one part of my amazing day. There was another ceremony that took place right Mbanda’s. A little back story: My first trip to Africa took place right after I started working at Compassion in 2003. I went to Kenya and immediately fell in love with the people and the country. At the time, Compassion’s Communications Specialist in Kenya was a man named Sidney Muisyo. Over the years, Sidney’s career continued to move forward at the Compassion Kenya office before he was appointed the Country Director a few years ago. Sidney is an amazingly intelligent and humble man and I have enjoyed visiting with him whenever I have been in Kenya. After we said farewell to Mbanda, we all prayed for Sidney as he has now been appointed to be the Regional Vice President for Compassion’s Africa Area office. I am so honored to be able to know both these men as they continue to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

Now I don’t want to speak for those of you reading this who may know me, but I’m willing to bet that none of you ever predicted that I would one day be able to say that I am friends with the Bishop of the Shiyra Diocese in the Rwandan Anglican Church.

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One Response to An Amazing Day!

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. We have sponsored a child through CI for years–excellent program.

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