An Open Letter to My Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

50 years ago you were saying the following words to each other:

For better or for worse.

In sickness and in health.

‘Til death do us part.

I do.

By my calculations it wasn’t too long after you spoke those words and made those promises to each other that I became more than a gleam in your eye. Suffice it to say, I’ve been with you since nearly the beginning of the past half century of your time together as husband and wife.  And I think it’s time you both took responsibility for your actions over the past 50 years.

There are consequences for what we do and the words we speak. You both have been skirting your responsibilities for far too long. It’s time for you to take ownership of five decades of decisions. That’s right…the day you hoped would never come has arrived. I’m airing your dirty laundry! The confessional is open. 

You may not want to believe it, but I hold you both directly responsible for the way I turned out. It’s because of you and the influence you had on me as I grew up that I can’t settle for being a bump on a log. I am not capable of doing just enough to get by. For some reason, I need what I do to mean something and to make a positive difference not only in the lives of those around me, but throughout the world. You made me believe that “it’s not about the money.” And what about this whole giving thing? Whether it’s time, money, friendship, love? Where did that whole concept come from and how did it get instilled into my psyche? That’s right…it’s your fault.

And about the people I have in my life. Really? Did you have to set such an example that it made me search for someone like Lisa to spend my life with? I mean, c’mon! What did I do to deserve someone like her? Then there are these people called family and the ones I am attracted to as friends. People who are loyal, that will back me up when things get tough. They are there through the good times and the bad. They. Just. Won’t. Go. Away!

But it wasn’t enough for you to mess with my life and be done. Nope. You had to do it all over again with Beth. For cryin’ out loud look at the mess you’ve made with her…she works for a clown! Then she married this guy, Shawn. And they’re reproducing! For the love of all that’s sacred she’s going to end up doing all the same things you did to us to Trevin and Zachary!

So it’s time for you to step up and take responsibility for what you’ve done. To look back at your life together and see it for what it really is. Take off those rose colored glasses and take a long hard look. 50 years. 600 months. 18,250 days. It’s your fault. Seriously.

And I love you both for making me who I am. There are no words that can express the depth of my gratitude and my love. May the remainder of your days together be as fruitful as the past 50 years.


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