Exciting News #2

I started this series a few weeks back with my last post. The next round took slightly longer to come to fruition than anticipated but it has finally arrived. Here we go…

In August, 2003 I began working full time producing videos at Compassion International. I absolutely love the mission of Compassion which is encapsulated in the tagline, “Releasing Children from Poverty in Jesus’ Name.” It’s a noble cause and well worth all the effort.

I came to Compassion after spending 18 years in the broadcast television and video production world, including several years working as my own company. Compassion had become my largest client. I produced videos for several of the relationships that promote Compassion’s work. I directed the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the ministry which ran as a 90 minute special presentation on several Christian television networks. I willingly made the move from running my own business to join the staff when I was offered the opportunity.

But nothing lasts forever. Now, after nearly 10 years, I have resigned my position as Compassion’s Video Production Manager to move back into the world of self employment. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. I still love Compassion’s mission and the work they are doing around the world. But my role has changed over the last several years. As the ministry has grown, more and more processes have been put in place – not necessarily bad processes, but processes that have begun to inhibit my ability to fully utilize the skills and gifts God has given to me. Opportunities for me to grow and make a bigger impact within the organization were not presenting themselves. I began feeling I was being drawn into a new season, similar to what I had done before Compassion, yet different. I struggled to make sense of it. I resisted. I gave in. I backed off. I prayed. I sought advice. More resistance. More wrestling. More prayer. And finally, it became obvious that I needed to make a change. To stop trying to control everything and let God take me by the hand and lead me into this new season.

May 31st will be my last day as an employee at Compassion. On June 1st I’ll be back in the world of freelance and self employment. I’m excited. I’m scared. I feel empowered. I feel nervous. Lots of people have expressed excitement about the possibility of working with me. But the opportunities won’t come until I’m actually available to do the work so I made the decision to make the move. It’s a step of faith but I am confidant that I’m on the path God has set before me. I hope to be able to have Compassion as a client again when the time is right. It has been an honor to work along side so many incredible people around the world striving to fulfill the mission. It’s a bittersweet time. I have made so many friends over the years and am hoping to maintain those relationships. I’m also extremely excited about what’s to come!

The next steps are still somewhat uncertain. Here’s what I do know….I have a name for this new endeavor: 7StoryProductions. There’s some meaning behind the name which I will share in the coming days. The overall plan is nearing completion. There are a few more i’s to dot and a couple more t’s to cross. The domain name and twitter handle have been secured. It’s happening. The wheels are in motion. I welcome your prayers as this new adventure begins. And if you happen to need a video or could use some help with a project please contact me. I’d love to help you achieve your goals – it could be the start of something big!

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3 Responses to Exciting News #2

  1. Great news Ric! I hope to journey with you in the coming months / years!

  2. Dedric Terry says:

    Congrats Ric! Exciting and rewarding times ahead for you.

  3. Ryan Johnson says:

    Excited for you Ric. If anyone needs to be reminded or your talents send them my way.

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