August Rush and the Milestones

During the blur of a month that I’ve come to call the August Rush I hit a couple of personal milestones. They were pushed aside due to all the other activity that was going on but are important enough (to me, at least) that I thought I’d turn the clock back a bit and share these milestones with you, my faithful readers and friends.

Milestone #1 – my first TV job

August 5th is an important day for me. It was August 5th, 1985 that I started my first job working at a TV station in Colorado Springs. It wasn’t all that glamorous but I got my foot in the door and it’s grown into what I consider a fairly fruitful career. For that first job I was responsible for the shipping and receiving of the programming for a small, family oriented TV station. Back in the mid-80’s the TV industry program distribution model was very different than what it is today. The major networks were providing their affiliates with programming  via satellite but the independent stations were shuttling video tape and 16mm film back and forth to each other and the various studio distributors via UPS. When I say video tape I’m not talking about VHS cassettes. These were huge reels of 2″ video tape (officially named Quadruplex) that ran on beastly machines the size of bedroom closet. Another one of my responsibilities was editing commercial breaks into movies. This was physically editing 16mm film…the whole cutting and splicing thing. My how times have changed!

It’s been 25 years since that first TV job. I ended up working at several different TV stations over an eleven year period, primarily shooting and editing local commercials and directing newscasts. I spent another seven years working at production companies making regional and national commercials and corporate films before I landed at my present position at Compassion. Which leads me to the next milestone.

Milestone #2 – Compassion

August 18th was the 2nd significant milestone I reached: seven years as the Video Production Manager at Compassion. Prior to Compassion, I averaged about two and a half years at my previous positions before I moved on. There was one gig that lasted closer to five years, but that certainly wasn’t typical for me. Compassion seems to be the career that my previous jobs had been building toward. I have literally used every skill I learned at all those previous companies during my time at Compassion. Compassion has also stretched my abilities and helped me continue to grow both professionally and personally. I’ve had the privilege to travel to many countries and meet some amazing people. I’m grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had over the past seven years and looking forward to establishing more milestones for as long as they’ll let me in the building.

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