It goes to Eleven

"It goes to eleven..."

Eleven of fourteen. If I remember my elementary school math correctly that means three left. Woo-hoo!

There’s nothing much more to say at this point. The side effects are still minimal and for that I am very thankful. Tomorrow will be a normal day work followed by my regular treatment. I’m taking Friday off from work and go in for the first of the final two treatments at 8:00. I’ll head back for the last treatment at 3:30. Wait…did you read that? The LAST treatment. That’s two days from now and it can’t come fast enough.

Lisa is still not feeling well. She saw her doctor today to get the results from the blood tests they ran on Monday and there was nothing to tell them what’s going on. They had her go get an xray to see if they can find the cause of her back pain and scheduled an appointment with an infectious disease specialist on Friday. This is beginning to become more and more disconcerting since there aren’t any answers…which means no real treatment. I really hope they figure something out for her soon as this is really beginning to stress her out – which is possibly adding to the whole mess. There are way too many unanswered questions right now. Anyone have a number handy for Dr. House?

Day eleven and treatment eleven are history. Two days, three treatments and a frustrating “un-diagnosis” remain.

Oh, and my apologies to Nigel for stealing his line.

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