Day 4.66

The weekend is winding down. I must say that I’ve not missed driving down to the cancer center the past couple of days.

My back issue flared up again for a horribly restless night last night. I don’t know what’s causing my sciatic nerve to act up. I didn’t do much yesterday. I did even less today so hopefully I’ll be able to get a full night of sleep tonight. I’ve kept taking ibuprofen throughout the day so hopefully that will help keep whatever swelling that’s going on to a minimum. It’s so frustrating to be so uncomfortable and not knowing what’s causing it and not being able to do anything to ease the pain.

Tomorrow is a fairly light day at work – meaning I’ve got more than enough to do but not too many meetings to get in the way. Hopefully I’ll be able to break away and visit my chiropractor before heading on down for my radiation treatment. Ugh. I’m beginning to feel really old.

Tomorrow will be day 5. Only two more weeks and I’ll be through this.

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