Day Two

Today was day two. Erica met me in the waiting room and took me back to the radiation therapy room that I’m beginning to become more familiar with. Kim and Marcia were both waiting for me as I came through the door.

The treatment was quick and painless again. As I spoke with my three nurses afterward I discovered that two of them know people that I know…one from Compassion and one who is the brother of one of my co-workers. I attribute it to the whole “six degrees of separation” concept that we’re only six steps removed from just about anyone anywhere.

After the treatment I headed to Lisa’s parents house to fix an issue with their computer. Lisa came by while I was there and we decided to go to dinner at the Elephant Bar with her mom and dad. As the food arrived I noticed that I really didn’t feel all that hungry. Part way through the meal I began to think that it wasn’t really very appetizing. I ended up not finishing my sandwich. Potential side effect from the radiation? Possibly since I really hadn’t had all that much to eat today. I guess I’ll know for sure if the same thing happens again tomorrow.

That sums up day two. Two down, twelve to go.

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One Response to Day Two

  1. northrup105 says:

    I appreciate you sharing your journey…we are keeping you and Lisa in our prayers for a quick and complete recovery.

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