The Real Day One

Today was the real Day One…really. No joke.

I arrived for my appointment at Memorial Hospital’s Cancer Center, checked in and sat patiently in the waiting area. I didn’t have to wait long before Kim came out and escorted me back to the room I was in yesterday where they did a “dry run” with a big machine solely designed to shoot radiation into a human body. Kim and Erica had me lay down on a table and settle into a custom mold that had been made of me a couple weeks ago. It’s designed so that I’ll lie in exactly the same position every time I go in for treatment over the next three weeks.

They slide the table into position and one of them said, “Here we go!” as they left the room. The machine clicked and whirred and came to life as it automatically moved the table into the pre-designated position. There were a couple more clicking sounds and the machine moved a little closer to my abdomen. There was a low humming sound for several seconds and then the machine rotated around and repositioned itself underneath me. A few more clicking sounds and the humming started again. Shortly after that, the table started to slide me back to the position where this all started. Erica came back in the room and said, “There you go…that’s it!” As she walked me back to the front I found out that she and her family are Compassion sponsors. Small world! I met with another nurse for a couple minutes talking once again about potential side effects.

And that was it.

Pretty eventful, eh? I don’t know what I expected but it was certainly more than what I experienced. I thought I would feel something…maybe a little tingling. Nope. Nothing. I left the Cancer Center and drove home. I suppose the cumulative effect of 14 treatments might end up taking its toll, but for now I don’t feel any differently than I did before I walked in.

That wraps up Day One of my radiation therapy. One down, thirteen to go.

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