Fun in the Arizona Sun, Pt. 2

Here’s my first attempt at a panorama shot. This was taken on April 7th just outside of Sedona, Arizona. The area is called Dry Creek…and it was definitely dry! Arizona has had a little more rain than normal so far this year so that helped the plant life to be a little greener than normal.

Let’s play a game – how many pictures are composited together to make up this photo? Unfortunately I don’t have a prize to give the winner so all you get is the satisfaction that you’ve got a really good photographic eye…or at least made a really lucky guess. Submit your guess in the comment section of this blog and I’ll let you know if you got it right or not. Oh, if you’d like to offer your opinion of the photo itself please feel free. Since I’m really in what I consider to be the early stages of my photo taking hobby I’m open to learning how I can do better.

For those of you who want to see a little larger of this image, check out my Flickr page. I’ve got a little higher res version posted there.

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2 Responses to Fun in the Arizona Sun, Pt. 2

  1. Britt says:

    My guess is either 4 or 5 photos. But, I’ll go with 4.

    Do I win the prize????

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