Daylight Sleepy Time

It’s that time of year. Time to turn the clocks forward so we can begin Daylight Savings Time (DST), or what I like to call Daylight Sleepy Time.

It’s a rather odd thing that we move our clocks back and forth twice a year. In the Fall I do like getting that extra hour of sleep, but I hate having to give it back in the Spring. It always feels like it takes me at least a week and a half to get back on what feels like a normal schedule. In the Spring, that is. I’m good in the Fall. Once I am adjusted to DST, I do enjoy having the extra sunlight in the evenings. But it’s that damned week and a half of feeling tired every morning. I’m sure there must be some logical explanation why we do this to ourselves twice a year but I’m too tired to Google the answer.

How come some people get to exempt themselves from the torture? Arizonan’s don’t play the game. And then there’s the oddball Indianapolis…the rest of the State of Indiana moves their clocks back and forth each November and March but Indianapolis stays the same. That must really screw with the minds of people who commute into he city every day.

I just don’t get why we feel the need to change the clocks twice a year. It feels like an archaic institution that no one is willing to stand up to – kind of like the United States Postal Service. It’s all about control, isn’t it? Some government crony decided that he needed to be able to control time so he came up with the idea to “fall back” and “spring forward.” That might have to be another topic for another day.

In the meantime, I’m going to try and get caught up on my sleep…except it’s still light outside. Stupid Daylight Savings Time.

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One Response to Daylight Sleepy Time

  1. Sue says:

    It’s not just Indianapolis, it’s all of Indiana EXCEPT those counties bordering Ohio and Illinois. (Don’t know why they didn’t include the northern and southern borders!) Growing up in Rising Sun, which was one county away from Ohio, we didn’t switch to DST, but so many people commuted to Cincinnati for work, and all of our television and radio came from Cincinnati, on their schedule, that time was confusing during that season. The local newspaper would list, say, a city council meeting at “7:00 slow time”! Local schools had to operate on the official Standard (non-Daylight Saving) Time, as did government and other public functions, but as I said, so many people commuted to Cincinnati, that they had to live on DST anyway. And of course, the next town up the river was in a county that DOES border Ohio, so they DO observe DST, so things like baseball games and track meets between our schools were REALLY confusing!!

    I’ve always used this as the reason I can’t be on time for anything – I grew up never quite sure of what time it was, so I never developed any sense of time! 😀

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