A Very Special Post

When I launched this new blog in December I said that I was going to post more frequently. Obviously that hasn’t quite worked out. I haven’t posted for some time because I was waiting to write a very special story. This isn’t quite what I was hoping to say.

2010 has essentially started off to be particularly challenging and stressful year. On January 2 my Aunt Kathy passed away after several years of battling cancer. My sister, Beth, and I flew to Arkansas to meet up with the rest our family to honor her life. Aunt Kathy influenced a lot of people in her 62 years. She was always ready to give a helping hand and do whatever she could to brighten someone’s day. It was very apparent talking to her friends that she was loved by many, many people. We celebrated her life and shared our memories of her. My Aunt Kathy is deeply missed by her husband, children, grandchildren, brothers and the rest of her family and all her friends. But we know we will see her again some day.

I returned home to Colorado and started to catch up on work and get several projects back on track after the Christmas and New Year holidays. Things were settling back into a rhythm of normality when the world turned upside down. On Tuesday, January 12, a massive earthquake hit the small, impoverished country of Haiti. Dan Woolley, a co-worker at Compassion, and David Hames, a video contractor and long time friend of mine had landed in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti the previous day. I spent about an hour trying to call each of their cell phones with no success. I contacted people from our Tours and Travel team to make sure we were doing everything we could to make sure they were ok.  I decided I needed to call David’s wife, Renee and let her know we were tracking down David and we would call her as soon as we got in touch with him. 65 hours later Dan was rescued from the rubble of what once was the Hotel Montana. He had managed to crawl into an elevator shaft after the hotel collapsed on top of them as the entered the lobby. My friend David wasn’t found until February 8th, 27 days after the quake. David was loved by many people. Over 1200 of them were following his story on a special Facebook page set up by one of his friends. People from all around the world, many who had never met David, contacted me and told me they were praying for him and his family. He loved his wife and his sons, Aidan and Zander, as much as anyone can love. He loved life and was living his dream producing a children’s DVD series called Cranium’s Ark and was about to sign a distribution deal for the project. David  was a superbly talented man and had a fantastic sense of humor. I know that David loved Jesus and was living his life to serve Him. That means that Renee, Aidan, Zander and all of David’s friends and I will get to see him again some day, too

I imagine that my Aunt Kathy and David have now met. I’m sure Aunt Kathy has told him about the time when I was a baby and sneezed peas all over her. They’ll have a good time telling funny stories and plan for the day when we all will meet again. I don’t know when that will be, but I do know it will be one incredible party.

In loving memory:

Kathy Woodward, 1947 - 2010

David Hames, 1969 - 2010


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4 Responses to A Very Special Post

  1. Heidi says:

    Such difficult news today. Beautiful post Ric.

  2. Sharon says:


    I wish I had known both of them! They are home now. Thank you for sharing and my prayers for friends and family.

  3. Britt says:

    Thanks Ric…what an awesome tribute to both. May God bless you for sharing your thoughts here, and may God bless all who read this.

  4. Becky says:

    This is a beautiful post, Ric.

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